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Where it all began:
In my home growing up in the 60’s it was common to commune with loved ones who have passed, or lend guidance to those in need using divination tools. I was fortunate in that my grandmother was very good at this, and as a result had most of our neighborhood at her door. I learned a lot more about energy work when I realized, and awakened my kundalini. My spiritual journey continued in my 20’s and I found myself in the ashram in southern California staying all of 3 years. It was the 70’s after all. When I spiritually was able to blend what my childhood had shown me with my newly found techniques of raising my inner consciousness I returned home. I began to use the skills I had learned as a child, and on my journey at the ashram. I began “reading” for all my friends!

I soon began doing physical mediumship as well. It just kind of happened most unexpectedly. I love table-tipping, and all types of physical mediumship. I love spirit communication in all it’s wondrous forms. I regularly attend hunted cemeteries with various groups as this is a wonderful environment for anyone sensitive to the spirit world. My table-tipping has proven not only to be fun for me, but for all that participate. For the next several years I would do the physical mediumship, and table-tipping demonstrations at the end of the 6 week physic development courses given at a spiritual bookstore “Avalon” in Orlando. I would also participate in the psychic fairs there. I have been reading, and doing mediumship “professionally” for 25 years.

I received my hypnosis certification in 2008 I am certified in Ericksonian hypnosis which will enable you to unlock “your secret power. I do work with de-stressing, weight loss, smoking, anxiety, and much more.
I have read all over the country from New York to California and all states in between. I’ve also have had the privilege of reading in Glastonbury England, and Cardiff Wales.

Currently I am doing private readings by appointment. I schedule private parties, as well as corporate events.
For the quicker spur of the moment personalities who love the energy of the outdoors, I can be found at the Lake Eola farmers marker in downtown Orlando. You can also come by Cafe Tu Tu Tango’s on friday nights if you prefer a fun, and exciting environment.

Remember always let your heart be your guide for tucked deep within lies all the answers we could ever desire. Even the answers that we may not yet have asked the questions to!
I look forward to meeting each, and every one of you.
Enjoy your journey, always seek the truth…
Be Honorable and Blessed


Georgie Pratt


Like everyone, Georgie knows we could always use a little help. We all have questions that seem to have no answer. She’s found that having another perspective on a situation is always beneficial. Spiritually, she feels that the Universe will provide for all of our needs. Spirit can help guide us to answer those questions. Her wish is to interpret spirit and provide that perspective.

She feels that we all have the ability to help one another with the gifts that we have been given.  Her gift allows her to help others see solutions to their problems.She’s been reading intuitively with the help of the tarot for several years. She’s read tarot at Universal Studios and currently at Cafe Tu Tu Tango. She is also available for private functions. If you could use another perspective or would like a consultation privately, please contact Georgie!

Gena Semenov


Gena is an artist and an intuitive and has been reading tarot cards since 1991. Her Russian father had an uncanny psychic ability and because of that, Gena grew up knowing there was something more than just the normal 3-D world. He was probably clairvoyant and clairescient. He could just look at a person and accurately predict personal future events, 3-5 years ahead. He died when Gena was 14 and did not explain his talent to her or how to do it. This led Gena to a life long pursuit of the metaphysical in which she developed her own clairvoyance and clairescience.

She bought her first deck of tarot cards at the age of 14 but didn’t really learn how to use them until 1991. Fast forwarding to many years later, she’s read for hundreds of  clients — from police officers to mafioso, recovering addicts to nationally known choreographers to new mothers and perplexed teens. She has learned from both local Florida sages, indian shaman and nationally known authors including Doreen Virtue and RJ Stewart.

Gena believes that nothing is fated, that everything is fluid and available to free-will — and that the cards have the power to inspire courageous, life-affirming action. She shows her clients that they must honor their own emotional & intuitive inner voices and make new choices based on hope and self-will rather than habit and unconsciousness.

She is devoted to helping people live to their full potential — and lead happier lives.

She is available for parties, conventions and private consultations.