Our 2014 Tu Tu Tarot Card Reader Schedule


Please see below our scheduled nights to read at Cafe Tu Tu Tango. This is an accurate but subject to change schedule of all our talented psychics! 





FRIDAYS: Georgie

SUNDAYS: Georgie

We rotate Saturday nights on a 5 week basis;

Georgie; 2/11, 3/15, 4/19, 5/24, 6/28, 8/2, 9/6, 10/11, 11/15, 12/20

Gena; 1/18, 2/22, 3/29, 5/3, 6/7, 7/12, 8/16, 9/20, 10/25, 11/29

Akasha; 1/25, 3/1, 4/5, 5/10, 6/14, 7/19, 8/23, 9/27, 11/1, 12/6

Ronnie; 2/1, 3/8, 4/12, 5/17, 6/21, 7/26, 8/30, 10/4, 11/8, 12/13

The resturants hours are from 7 – 11 each night. We look forward to seeing into your bright future!




Flying Squirrels & Letting Go

Arizona2 Flying Squirrel 1

Ted Andrews who wrote “Animal Speak” and many other great reads is one of my heroes. I learned so much from that book and a few others he wrote that I automatically pay attention to the animals that I encounter in my daily life as a sign from spirit.

Last night we had an unexpected visitor that our cat “Sivee” (meaning grey in Ukrainian) brought to us just as we sat down to dinner. We had the back door open because the temperature has finally dropped in Florida. It was an injured flying squirrel. Seeing no visible injuries or blood on it, my husband took it outside, hoping that it would regain some strength and return to the trees. Later my daughter Maya and I checked on it only to find that it had died. So innocent and humble it was. Immediately, we were angry at our cat. Calling him out on it, he only stared back at us and disappeared for the rest of the night. I’m hoping that Sivee found it injured instead of making the kill himself. I guess I’ll give him the benefit of doubt this time, since it’s the first creature he has brought home to us.

So what does this mean? Here are some squirrel attributes.

Squirrels are often observed scrounging about for food and digging holes in the earth and storing nuts and other food sources for later times. Their keen sense of smell will enable them to find their stored caches even if they do forget where they buried their nuts.  Flying squirrels, do not really fly. Their skin stretches and enables it to glide from tree to ground or tree to tree. It is nocturnal. It strongly dislikes being disturbed during the day. Owls are usually the flying squirrel’s chief predators.

I ask myself; 1. Are you too active? 2. Not active enough? 3. Are you not planning at all for the future, distant or near? 4. Are you becoming too erratic–running to and fro and not accomplishing anything? 5. Do you need to learn how to save and ration on any level–including time, money, energy, etc.? 6. Are you afraid you will never have enough? 7. Are you getting too hung up on collecting and accumulating? 8. Are you gathering and not giving?

I qualify for “yes” to over half of these questions. Squirrels can teach us balance within the circle of gathering and giving out. If we are doing too much of one or the other, squirrel may appear to help us. Squirrels are the masters at preparing but they also are reminders that in our quest for our goals, we should always make time to socialize and play. Work and play go hand-in-hand, or the work will create problems and become more difficult and less fruitful.

So like a squirrel, for the last few months I have been dividing my time and energy on several different projects or jobs, hoping that one or two of them would bring more abundance into our lives. While all have brought money, my time, energy and temper are stretched thin. So the message is clear to focus on the areas where the nuts are bigger or more plentiful. In a nut shell it’s time to pare down those projects that attack my time and energy and yield little reward.

Magickal attributes or characteristics to consider when working with the squirrel totem:

You are preparing for the future by storing up time, resources, and energy; resting during unproductive times. You are moving to a higher level of consciousness to avoid harassment. Sometimes its appearance means changes or the approach of adversaries. Warning, wisdom, change, trust, discovery, truth, balance, harmony. Use as a spiritual watch-dog to warn you of danger on any level.

What animals have you encountered lately?

Prioritizing for Inner Peace – Part 1

peace_priority_postitOne of the challenges of being an intuitive is that grounding yourself in day to day reality is often less enthralling than the flights of mind and vision.

Sometimes the dishes don’t get washed, calls and emails don’t get returned as fast as they need and the button on your favorite blouse doesn’t get sewn back on until 15 minutes before you need to wear it.

Since most intuitives are creative people, that adds the additional burden of the many projects we get enmeshed in.

My To-Do list right now includes:

  • Finish the dress I’m sewing.
  • Work on my website and blogs.
  • Write an article for the Woo-Woo blog (YAY! If you’re reading this, I managed that one!)
  • Finish transcribing my Spellcraft Secrets book into ebook format.
  • Paint new candle holders for my table at Tutu.

That list doesn’t even include the day to day needs (wash clothes, lay out something to wear to work so I don’t have to race last minute, clean the fridge, cook dinner, walk the dogs) or my various jobs as a psychic and readings for my personal clients.

In the past I’ve dealt with the situation by throwing myself from one project to another and usually getting about half-way done before another “imperative” duty claimed my attention.

The result? Numerous unfinished jobs and chores and a house piled with half-finished projects that I’m afraid to put away for fear of losing my place.

And inner peace? Who has time for that? Never mind that as a psychic, one of the job requirements is to be able to clear my mind so that I can focus on what my client needs to know.

Fortunately, there’s a simple method to clear your To-Do list as well as your frazzled mind.

I use a large dry erase board for this. You can use a computer program or a simple paper notepad too. (If you’re like me, you already have enough windows open on your computer, and notepads have a tendency of growing legs.)

The Priority Grid

The Priority Grid

Start with a simple grid, dividing your board into two rows and three columns Label the columns “High” “Low” and “Peace” and the rows “Fast” and “Slow”.

High/Low are the priorities of the job. Fast/Slow is how quickly you can get it done and how long you expect it to take.

We’ll get to the Peace column soon. 🙂

Now take your To Do List and divvy it up.

High/Fast: These are important jobs that don’t take long to do. Your version of “not long” and mine might differ, but anything that takes an hour or less qualifies.

These are the jobs to get out of the way first. They’re important and they don’t take a lot of time and effort. It feels freeing to get each one done.

I like to cross them off but leave them up on my board so that I can see that I finished something and got it out of my way. You could just erase finished jobs if having a clear space makes you feel more peaceful.

High/Slow: These are the big projects that are imperative to get done but take some time to do.

For me, the project that’s filling this slot right now, is editing the 2nd edition of my Spellcraft Secrets book. Feels like it’s taking forever!

Low/Fast: These are are all the little projects that don’t take much time, but often get shunted out of the way because of those big priority projects.

Do one of these when you have 15 minutes or an hour to kill. You don’t want to get involved in your big projects because you’ve got to do something/be somewhere pressing. But rather than wasting that time on a Sudoku puzzle or otherwise twiddling your thumbs, you can cross an item off the list and feel like you accomplished something. You DID!

Low/Slow: This category requires some soul searching.

If it takes that long to do, and it’s not a high priority, does it deserve to be on the list at all? Can you just cross it off the list and decide not to do it?

Some other questions and considerations: What makes it a slow project? Is it actually time consuming to do, or is it something that you yourself aren’t skilled at? If the latter, can you pay someone more skilled to do it? Perhaps they could accomplish it much faster. Even better can you trade with them? Since everyone has a different skill set, they may have a project that’s quick and easy for you, but time-consuming for them. Or, if you don’t have money to pay them, can you barter for something you enjoy doing? My sister trades homemade pies and house-cleaning for much of her legal and medical work.

Sometimes an item is a lesser priority because it isn’t needed right away. My costume for a Halloween gig is low priority if it’s January, but starts becoming high priority around September or so. Go over your low/slow list every once in a while in case the priorities change.

If it’s “low priority because it’s something you love to and want to do, but it doesn’t need to be done, it might belong in the “Peace” column.

In the second half of this article we’ll talk about that Inner Peace column. Meanwhile, get some of those fast/highs off your back and revel in how great it feels to get things off your list.

Besides working as a reader at Tutu, Lionrhod is the author of Spellcraft Secrets, Dark Moon Gates and Nenfari. You can learn more about her books at Lionrhod.com


On Being Selfish

MorningMeditationI have noticed in many of my readings that people stress because they push themselves too hard. Most of us have been conditioned to put the needs of other’s above our own. We give 110% on the job. We sacrifice for our families. We support our spouses. I’m all for being giving and compassionate, but we must also be mindful of our own needs.

I truly believe that there is no way that we can be there for someone else unless  we take care of ourselves first. Many people mistake being selfish for being hurtful and arrogant. That is more like self-centeredness. When you believe that the world revolves around you, that is harmful and egotistical. Every human being deserves respect and compassion. When you expect another to play only the role that serves you in your personal universe, you are being self-centered.

For me, the idea of being selfish is more like self-preservation. We all know to eat when we are hungry, drink when we are thirsty, sleep when we are tired. But what do we truly know about taking care of ourselves? That is where I feel that many people suffer. It is just as important to take care of our minds and hearts as is it is to take care of our bodies. When you find yourself bending to the will of another because you feel that their needs are more important than your own, you do yourself a great injustice. I feel that it is important to recognize what our hearts tell us.

So, the next time that you are tempted to work extra hours just to impress your boss, stop for a minute. Ask yourself, is the idea that you might get a pat on the back for sacrificing your free time worth losing an opportunity to spend some quality time with your children? Do you want to be selfless or would you rather be full of life and love? We must always balance our responsibilities. However, those responsibilities may suffer if we have no self left to give.

If you are tired and stretched thin, come see me. Maybe I can help you see where you can nurture a little bit more of yourself. I’ll be reading at Cafe Tu Tu Tango’s this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

When to Let Go

Anahata, 2012

Anahata, 2012 original oil painting by Georgie Pratt

As a psychic, I have learned that there is a time to hold on and a time to let go. Oftentimes, when people need help in their lives, that is the root of their dilemma. In jobs, relationships, financial matters, letting go can be the key to finding true happiness. How many times in our lives have we found ourselves holding onto something that no longer serves us? How many times have we stuck with “the devil we know” because we are afraid of the unknown? 

It is a frightening idea – letting go of something that is comfortable in hopes that there is something even better. I know that very well myself. I have recently found myself letting go of things in my life because they are no longer comfortable. That discomfort forced me to realize that it was time for change. I don’t know where my path will lead me now, but I have faith in the knowledge that my heart is leading the way. I realized that, the unease that I was feeling in my life, was my heart’s way of telling me that it was time to move on. 

Regardless of that faith, the fear remains. That is the next thing that I need to let go. And I believe that will happen when the time is right. Many of us are ruled by fear. We let fear dictate how we will react and what we will choose. Until we can make decisions with our heartcenter, those negative feelings will remain. One way that I try banish that fear is to reach out for help. I look for support from those that love me and those that are wiser than me. It is because of that support that I have had the courage to act from my heartcenter and break the ties that have been unhealthy for me. I feel that part of my journey is to pass on that support and wisdom that has been given to me. As a psychic, I try to help people see a solution to their struggles and show them that they have the power to act within themselves. 

I feel such joy and gratitude when I am able to impart some hope and some comfort to someone that is in need. I feel like it is my way of giving thanks to those that have helped me. I understand now that holding on to old ideas can hold me back. I understand that the fear of the unknown only has power as long as I hold onto it. And I understand that fear is not nearly as bad as holding onto something that hurts me – no matter how long it has been a part of my life. 

If you struggle with fear and discomfort in your life, come and see me. Maybe I can give you another perspective and show you that you are more powerful than you think. Let me pass onto you the hope that has been given to me. 

I’ll be reading at Cafe Tu Tu Tango this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Many blessings!



Which path will you take?


I notice in my readings, people are often struggling with various challenges. Relationships, work, finances – these are the areas that most people are concerned with when they come to me for a reading. I always think of them as “The Big 3”. I suppose most people wouldn’t seek out a psychic if everything in their life was peachy keen, now would they? And, naturally, people and financial security are high priorities for most of us. People are looking for answers – “How do I fix it?” “Will it get better?”

When I read, I tell people that I can’t give them all the answers. That lies within them. What I can do is give them insight into the deeper issue – another perspective. The real question is what can they learn from their situation? The challenges that we face in our life serve to teach us lessons. We learn our strengths, our weaknesses and how to better follow the path that we are meant to be on. When we know what is not working, we can get rid of it and leave room for something better.

I, myself, have had a reminder of that. I have found myself facing obstacles and situations that I struggle with. But through my work with my clients as well as a lot of soul-searching and prayer, I have been finding answers. I am realizing that some of the messages that I give my clients are also meant for me. Instead of looking at my challenges as defeat, I have begun looking at them as opportunities. They are opportunities for growth and for change. The deeper that I look within, the closer I find myself coming to the Divine. I understand much better now that some circumstances are out of my control. What is in my control is how I deal with those circumstances. I can find explanations for my challenges – I don’t always like those explanations. They often point to weaknesses in myself – and I don’t want to admit my faults. But admitting my faults is accepting them. And accepting my faults gives me an opportunity to change them. I can’t change my past, but I can change my present and ultimately my future.

So, next time you are faced with a roadblock, ask yourself, “How can I turn this into an opportunity? What good can I get out of this situation?” Often, the answer takes time to make itself clear. But, even asking the questions can show you a new direction and help you make peace with your challenges.

If you still have questions, you can always come see me for a reading 😉 This weekend, I will be at Cafe Tu Tu Tango Friday, Saturday and Sunday….come by and let me help you!

Messages are all around us….

Number signs are everywhere!

Number signs are everywhere!

A Post by Judith
While reading at Tango’s we all come across one or several of our dearest Kim’s clients. It’s in a “woo-woo”  way that suddenly allows me to hear the numbers spoken from their lips, or see them in the time of the night, or the number of people I have read. These numbers are our messages that are all over Tango’s. It’s our opportunity to tap into all the energies working with us, and along side of us.   I find the numbers everywhere. it is the number of guests, to the serving staff, and even the tip amount that our clients leave us for a job well done. It’s a super magical way for us the “tango’s readers” to stay in tune with not only our guests, but the past vibrations and the vibrations that are yet to come.  Once you begin to start noticing them it’s certainly proof that through the numbers woo-woo is alive and well, and going strong around the little round table in the corner of a very big room!