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Follow your heart

Something I Can Have - detail of an original acrylic painting by Georgie Pratt copyright 2005

Something I Can Have – detail of an original acrylic painting by Georgie Pratt copyright 2005

I have been going through some pretty major changes in my life lately. I have made some decisions that may appear a little risky to others. One of those changes was to quit my day job and become a full time artist and reader. Now, let me let you in on a little secret – not that long ago, if you suggested that I quit my job for that reason, I would have told you that you were crazy. But, that’s exactly what I did.

I won’t lie – it hasn’t been a totally easy transition. There has been a lot of hard work and quite a few sacrifices. Regardless, I know it was the right decision. I followed my heart. Sounds easy, right? Of course it isn’t! Most of us don’t have faith in ourselves. We don’t believe that we can deal with the challenges we may face or the setbacks. And many don’t even know what their higher self sounds like.

For me, the key is joy. As I looked at my life – what was working and what wasn’t – I focused on finding the joy. In the beginning, all I could see was the negative (naturally :-P) so decided to remove the things from my life that brought me pain. That has been quite a process in itself! There were many things in my life that made me uncomfortable, but I was used to them. I very much believed that the devil you know is way better than the one you don’t know. But, I soon started to realize that my expectations that change brought more hardship were preventing me from moving forward. And so I discovered that the unknown wasn’t so scary after all.

As I was banishing negativity from my life, I found that there really were things that brought me joy! When new opportunities arose that could showcase my talents, I became excited. I no longer worried about whether or not they would be successful. I didn’t succumb to the fear of “can I do it?”. I was just happy. I began to realize that, because I wasn’t holding on the the fear and the doubt, I could just experience joy.

To me, the joy that I felt when I was asked to show my work – joy that was no longer hampered by fear that no one would come or doubt that I could handle the amount of work – was my heart talking to me. Joy is the language of my heart. Because I started listening to what my heart was saying, it’s started talking to me more. 😉 Now I know, that no matter what setbacks may occur, I will always get up and dust myself off. I have figured out the language of my heart and will listen to whatever it has to tell me ❤

Come see me this Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a reading at Cafe Tu Tu Tango if you think that you need a little help interpreting the language of your heart!




Prioritizing for Inner Peace – Part 1

peace_priority_postitOne of the challenges of being an intuitive is that grounding yourself in day to day reality is often less enthralling than the flights of mind and vision.

Sometimes the dishes don’t get washed, calls and emails don’t get returned as fast as they need and the button on your favorite blouse doesn’t get sewn back on until 15 minutes before you need to wear it.

Since most intuitives are creative people, that adds the additional burden of the many projects we get enmeshed in.

My To-Do list right now includes:

  • Finish the dress I’m sewing.
  • Work on my website and blogs.
  • Write an article for the Woo-Woo blog (YAY! If you’re reading this, I managed that one!)
  • Finish transcribing my Spellcraft Secrets book into ebook format.
  • Paint new candle holders for my table at Tutu.

That list doesn’t even include the day to day needs (wash clothes, lay out something to wear to work so I don’t have to race last minute, clean the fridge, cook dinner, walk the dogs) or my various jobs as a psychic and readings for my personal clients.

In the past I’ve dealt with the situation by throwing myself from one project to another and usually getting about half-way done before another “imperative” duty claimed my attention.

The result? Numerous unfinished jobs and chores and a house piled with half-finished projects that I’m afraid to put away for fear of losing my place.

And inner peace? Who has time for that? Never mind that as a psychic, one of the job requirements is to be able to clear my mind so that I can focus on what my client needs to know.

Fortunately, there’s a simple method to clear your To-Do list as well as your frazzled mind.

I use a large dry erase board for this. You can use a computer program or a simple paper notepad too. (If you’re like me, you already have enough windows open on your computer, and notepads have a tendency of growing legs.)

The Priority Grid

The Priority Grid

Start with a simple grid, dividing your board into two rows and three columns Label the columns “High” “Low” and “Peace” and the rows “Fast” and “Slow”.

High/Low are the priorities of the job. Fast/Slow is how quickly you can get it done and how long you expect it to take.

We’ll get to the Peace column soon. 🙂

Now take your To Do List and divvy it up.

High/Fast: These are important jobs that don’t take long to do. Your version of “not long” and mine might differ, but anything that takes an hour or less qualifies.

These are the jobs to get out of the way first. They’re important and they don’t take a lot of time and effort. It feels freeing to get each one done.

I like to cross them off but leave them up on my board so that I can see that I finished something and got it out of my way. You could just erase finished jobs if having a clear space makes you feel more peaceful.

High/Slow: These are the big projects that are imperative to get done but take some time to do.

For me, the project that’s filling this slot right now, is editing the 2nd edition of my Spellcraft Secrets book. Feels like it’s taking forever!

Low/Fast: These are are all the little projects that don’t take much time, but often get shunted out of the way because of those big priority projects.

Do one of these when you have 15 minutes or an hour to kill. You don’t want to get involved in your big projects because you’ve got to do something/be somewhere pressing. But rather than wasting that time on a Sudoku puzzle or otherwise twiddling your thumbs, you can cross an item off the list and feel like you accomplished something. You DID!

Low/Slow: This category requires some soul searching.

If it takes that long to do, and it’s not a high priority, does it deserve to be on the list at all? Can you just cross it off the list and decide not to do it?

Some other questions and considerations: What makes it a slow project? Is it actually time consuming to do, or is it something that you yourself aren’t skilled at? If the latter, can you pay someone more skilled to do it? Perhaps they could accomplish it much faster. Even better can you trade with them? Since everyone has a different skill set, they may have a project that’s quick and easy for you, but time-consuming for them. Or, if you don’t have money to pay them, can you barter for something you enjoy doing? My sister trades homemade pies and house-cleaning for much of her legal and medical work.

Sometimes an item is a lesser priority because it isn’t needed right away. My costume for a Halloween gig is low priority if it’s January, but starts becoming high priority around September or so. Go over your low/slow list every once in a while in case the priorities change.

If it’s “low priority because it’s something you love to and want to do, but it doesn’t need to be done, it might belong in the “Peace” column.

In the second half of this article we’ll talk about that Inner Peace column. Meanwhile, get some of those fast/highs off your back and revel in how great it feels to get things off your list.

Besides working as a reader at Tutu, Lionrhod is the author of Spellcraft Secrets, Dark Moon Gates and Nenfari. You can learn more about her books at Lionrhod.com


When to Let Go

Anahata, 2012

Anahata, 2012 original oil painting by Georgie Pratt

As a psychic, I have learned that there is a time to hold on and a time to let go. Oftentimes, when people need help in their lives, that is the root of their dilemma. In jobs, relationships, financial matters, letting go can be the key to finding true happiness. How many times in our lives have we found ourselves holding onto something that no longer serves us? How many times have we stuck with “the devil we know” because we are afraid of the unknown? 

It is a frightening idea – letting go of something that is comfortable in hopes that there is something even better. I know that very well myself. I have recently found myself letting go of things in my life because they are no longer comfortable. That discomfort forced me to realize that it was time for change. I don’t know where my path will lead me now, but I have faith in the knowledge that my heart is leading the way. I realized that, the unease that I was feeling in my life, was my heart’s way of telling me that it was time to move on. 

Regardless of that faith, the fear remains. That is the next thing that I need to let go. And I believe that will happen when the time is right. Many of us are ruled by fear. We let fear dictate how we will react and what we will choose. Until we can make decisions with our heartcenter, those negative feelings will remain. One way that I try banish that fear is to reach out for help. I look for support from those that love me and those that are wiser than me. It is because of that support that I have had the courage to act from my heartcenter and break the ties that have been unhealthy for me. I feel that part of my journey is to pass on that support and wisdom that has been given to me. As a psychic, I try to help people see a solution to their struggles and show them that they have the power to act within themselves. 

I feel such joy and gratitude when I am able to impart some hope and some comfort to someone that is in need. I feel like it is my way of giving thanks to those that have helped me. I understand now that holding on to old ideas can hold me back. I understand that the fear of the unknown only has power as long as I hold onto it. And I understand that fear is not nearly as bad as holding onto something that hurts me – no matter how long it has been a part of my life. 

If you struggle with fear and discomfort in your life, come and see me. Maybe I can give you another perspective and show you that you are more powerful than you think. Let me pass onto you the hope that has been given to me. 

I’ll be reading at Cafe Tu Tu Tango this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Many blessings!




Whenever I sit down to read tarot, I always start off with a short little meditation. I find that meditating gives me the space that I need to connect with the energy around me and center myself for the spiritual work that I am about to do. Meditation is also very good for helping to relieve stress as well as helping to sharpen focus. However, many people insist that they can’t meditate.

I have learned some very interesting things about meditation in my own study. I used to be one of those people that “couldn’t meditate”. I always thought that in order to meditate properly, you needed to have a completely blank mind. How does one empty one’s mind completely? The answer…you can’t! There will always be some thought or other that will go through your head, whether you want to or not. The trick is not to become attached to that thought. When a thought such as “Man, it sure is hot in here.” pops into your head, let it go and move on. Don’t start thinking about how you would love a cold drink or maybe a dip in the pool which leads to taking a vacation and then how much you hate your job and what is the job market like now any way….and so on (you can see I speak from experience).

That is where mantras come in. A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of “creating transformation” (wikipedia). In this case, the transformation that is created is the meditative state. Using a mantra gives you an anchor to come back to when your mind wanders. Take for example the mantra “om”. If you are sitting and repeating “om” in your head and you start to think about the heat, you can think “Man, it sure is hot in here…OM.” and you have already broken the train of thought before it starts.

Om is probably the most common and widely known mantra, but a mantra for meditation can be just about anything. There are thousands of other sanskrit mantras. One of my favorites is “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya which roughly translates to “recognizing the divinity within” (*note: I am HUGELY paraphrasing here, but that is the gist of it). Your mantra doesn’t have to be in another language. “love” or “peace” are also great mantras. You could use any word or phrase that you connect with. A name could be a great choice. The name of your mother or your children will help you to stay mindful of your objective. Another good technique is counting your inhalations and exhalations. When you inhale count “1..2..3..4”, pause then exhale counting “1..2..3..4”. The key to successfully using a mantra is putting your whole mind’s focus on the repetition of it. When you stop paying attention to your mantra, that is when your mind will start to wander.

The whole point to meditation is for you to find a calm space. Unfortunately for most of us, our thoughts can quickly lead us away from calm. By incorporating meditation into your routine, you may discover that you find it a little easier to recapture that calm space when you need it. So, just sit comfortably…close your eyes..take a nice deep breath and think….OM 😉



Lately, I have found that it is really important for me to be grateful. When you take the time to be grateful for things in your life, you create energy to attract more abundance. Whenever possible, I like to write down at least ten things that I am grateful for. Not only do I list each thing, but I also write, “I am grateful for ___ because ___.” It helps me to put it all in perspective and deepen my gratitude.

This little exercise is a simple thing to do, but it always makes me feel better, no matter what is going on. When we are acknowledging the positive in our lives, it’s harder to dwell on the negative. Let me share my gratitude.

1. intuition
2. perseverance
3. communication
4. awareness
5. community

I am grateful for my intuition that helps me be an effective reader. I am grateful to have perseverance that helps me to keep trying until I can overcome obstacles. I am grateful for communication which allows me to effectively share my insights with others. I am grateful to be aware that there is great abundance in my life. I am grateful for a community where my gifts are accepted and acknowledged.

I suggest that everyone tries to write a gratitude list. See what comes into your life when you do!

I will be reading at Cafe Tu Tu Tango this Saturday and Sunday. Come out and visit me!

Georgie Pratt


Like everyone, Georgie knows we could always use a little help. We all have questions that seem to have no answer. She’s found that having another perspective on a situation is always beneficial. Spiritually, she feels that the Universe will provide for all of our needs. Spirit can help guide us to answer those questions. Her wish is to interpret spirit and provide that perspective.

She feels that we all have the ability to help one another with the gifts that we have been given.  Her gift allows her to help others see solutions to their problems.She’s been reading intuitively with the help of the tarot for several years. She’s read tarot at Universal Studios and currently at Cafe Tu Tu Tango. She is also available for private functions. If you could use another perspective or would like a consultation privately, please contact Georgie!