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Where it all began:
In my home growing up in the 60’s it was common to commune with loved ones who have passed, or lend guidance to those in need using divination tools. I was fortunate in that my grandmother was very good at this, and as a result had most of our neighborhood at her door. I learned a lot more about energy work when I realized, and awakened my kundalini. My spiritual journey continued in my 20’s and I found myself in the ashram in southern California staying all of 3 years. It was the 70’s after all. When I spiritually was able to blend what my childhood had shown me with my newly found techniques of raising my inner consciousness I returned home. I began to use the skills I had learned as a child, and on my journey at the ashram. I began “reading” for all my friends!

I soon began doing physical mediumship as well. It just kind of happened most unexpectedly. I love table-tipping, and all types of physical mediumship. I love spirit communication in all it’s wondrous forms. I regularly attend hunted cemeteries with various groups as this is a wonderful environment for anyone sensitive to the spirit world. My table-tipping has proven not only to be fun for me, but for all that participate. For the next several years I would do the physical mediumship, and table-tipping demonstrations at the end of the 6 week physic development courses given at a spiritual bookstore “Avalon” in Orlando. I would also participate in the psychic fairs there. I have been reading, and doing mediumship “professionally” for 25 years.

I received my hypnosis certification in 2008 I am certified in Ericksonian hypnosis which will enable you to unlock “your secret power. I do work with de-stressing, weight loss, smoking, anxiety, and much more.
I have read all over the country from New York to California and all states in between. I’ve also have had the privilege of reading in Glastonbury England, and Cardiff Wales.

Currently I am doing private readings by appointment. I schedule private parties, as well as corporate events.
For the quicker spur of the moment personalities who love the energy of the outdoors, I can be found at the Lake Eola farmers marker in downtown Orlando. You can also come by Cafe Tu Tu Tango’s on friday nights if you prefer a fun, and exciting environment.

Remember always let your heart be your guide for tucked deep within lies all the answers we could ever desire. Even the answers that we may not yet have asked the questions to!
I look forward to meeting each, and every one of you.
Enjoy your journey, always seek the truth…
Be Honorable and Blessed


A Little Light


Sometimes, when things look dark, all we need is a tiny light to show us the way. This past Valentine’s Day, I found that little light. I had been feeling very low lately and was struggling to reconnect with myself and my spirituality. Valentine’s Day this year was rather rainy and dreary which, naturally, did nothing to improve my mood. However, that was about to change.

Late that night, as I was getting ready to go to bed, I heard the sound of a kitten crying. Being a cat lover, I couldn’t stand to hear the constant crying outside, especially as it was still drizzling and rather chilly. I went downstairs to investigate thinking that I might find a kitten stuck in a tree. Lots of people in my complex have cats and I figured one had just got out and needed a hand. What I found instead was a soaked cardboard box with four tiny, shivering, wet little kittens – not much more than two weeks old. All four were tuxedo cats – all black with just a few white markings on their bellies and feet – similar to several strays that roam the neighborhood. The poor little things looked so pathetic, they tugged at my heart. Only one was crying and, as small as they were, it was amazing that the cry could carry so far and grab my attention. The little screamer stood out in the fact that she had a tiny strip of white hair on her forehead – as though it were her third eye….a little psychic kitty! I knew right then what I had to do. I took them in, dried them off and got them into a warm soft basket to get some sleep. Two weeks later, all four little kittens – three boys and the one little girl – are still with me right now, chubby, healthy, and full of energy. I am fostering them until they are a little older and I can find them permanent homes….except I think that the little girl, I call her Starshine, will be adopted by me.

Since finding the kittens, my days have been filled with bottle feedings, laundering towels and baths. And I couldn’t be happier. I realized that night that I needed to be needed. Those little babies needed to be taken care of. The Universe helped us find each other. I know that I have a guardian angel – one that knows my love of cats and shares that love as well. My guardian angel reached me through my little psychic kitten, Starshine. And all of this brought me back to what I have always believed – The Universe abundantly provides for all of my needs. I lost my way for a little bit, but the signs have brought me back. If you have need, the Universe will fill it – just not always in the way that you may expect, Keep your heart open and your faith will find you, even if you misplace it yourself.

This Saturday and Sunday I will be reading at Cafe Tu Tu Tangos at 7:00pm. Come on by and see if maybe I can’t help you find a little faith!



About Us

We are the collective group of talented psychics that read tarot cards on a regular basis. There are five of us that take turns during the week to read for fun, entertainment and enlightenment at Café Tu Tu Tango. The restaurant is located in Orlando, Fl. and has been open since 1994. The restaurant is unique to Central Florida for its fantastic tasting tapas food portions, art, dancing entertainment and all ’round funkiness. Wanda Baruch first started the psychic tradition in Tu Tu Tango in 1994 and it has flourished ever since.

As the weeks progress we will post interesting musings of divination, ghosts, angels and many other things. We will also introduce ourselves in more detail and keep you informed about our individual upcoming events. We plan to post once a month but hopefully more frequently.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out!